Un-Cutting the Cord: Dish Network

These days, all we hear about are ways to cut the cord and ditch those evil cable networks and their exhaustive pricing.  I, too, was in that state of mind over the last few years.  I have spent the last 3 years without cable…sort of.  There are all sorts of illegal ways by which to […]

Understanding ELK: Elastic, Logstash, and Kibana - Part 1

  Useful links: pfSense Forum Topic pfelk.3ilson.com (doesn’t seem to be maintained) I currently work for a big data company.  We take machine data, or digital exhaust, and turn it into searchable, intelligible, information for analytics and visualization.  As an vendor knows, there are always competitors whose names come up often in conversation.  One such competitor, Elastic, […]

Doors Open and Close For a Reason

Throughout my career, I have had opportunities to move in a direction that I thought was best for my career. I always carefully consider moves that I make in my career and make no decision until I am certain that the move makes sense and will set me up for better opportunities down the road. […]

The Trouble With Travel: Hotel WiFi

As I have mentioned previously, I travel a lot for work as a sales engineer.  I am all over the US visiting customers and most of my stays are at least one night, if not for close to a week.  That means I spend a lot of time in hotel rooms and working on both […]

Cutting the chord...Why are people doing it?

Source: eMarketer Lowers US TV Ad Spend Estimate Cord Cutting Accelerates   What cord you ask, well it’s the cord to their cable providers. According to eMarketer, a leading research firm out of New York, by the end of 2017, 22.2 million Americans will be cord cutters. That number is up 33% from 2016’s total of […]

Fitbit is having a bad day | TechCrunch

Fitbit is, again, not having a good day after spending the year in mostly middling status as it looks to prove there’s a market for fitness trackers and its own smartwatch. The culprit today:… Source: Fitbit is having a bad day | TechCrunch Fitbit received a sell rating from a Wallstreet firm.  This, as usual […]

AIM will be discontinued on December 15, 2017 - AOL Help

For 20 years, AOL Instant Messenger has been a challenger in the chat client software arena.  The service has had it’s share of good times and bad times, however, it has stuck around for quite a while showing that there were many people who still enjoyed to chat using an interface that was simple and […]

Free Bitcoin Giveaway

I am going to give away $50USD worth of Bitcoin/Satoshi tonight at Midnight CST.  I will choose one member of our site at random.  The only requirement is that you follow us on Twitter @thegeekzweb and sign up for a free account at Geekz NOTE – You must have a wallet that I can send funds […]